An application for testing a gamepad in android

By Amin Latifkar -

اپلیکیشنی برای تست دسته بازی (گیم‌پد) در اندروید

A few weeks ago I bought some android compatible gamepads for a job I was working on. Unfortunately each gamepad had a different key and axis combination, and I could not find any guide or testing application on the internet, what’s more the gamepad configuration on a pc was somehow different from its configuration on an android phone.

To make matters worse, some android gamepads were actually simulating keyboard keystrokes while some others were calling normal gamepad events alongside some simulated keyboard keystrokes.

So to solve this problem and to become more familiar with gamepads in android environment, I decided to create a small program in unity to show events and key strokes of a gamepad. But unity, being a game engine, couldn’t do exactly what I wanted. So I rewrote the program in Android Studio. What resulted was a simple yet somehow complete program that could satisfy my needs. Anyway, one of my friends recommended to upload the program here for others, in case someone else had the same problem and needed such a program.

To download the program click here.

A view of the application


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